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Tap-Tempo Music Shop
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Musical Instruments
in San Jose, California
Tap-Tempo Music Shop™ - "Making musical instruments more affordable and available to everyone!"™
Guitars - Drums - Percussion - Bass - Keyboards - Synthesizers - Microphones - Speakers - Stands - Audio Interfaces - Ukuleles - Mandolins - Banjos - Saxophones - Clarinets - Flutes - Trumpets - Trombones - and more!
Musical Instruments at Tap-Tempo Music Shop
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  • We're commitment to offer the best combination of service, quality, and price!
  • Musical Instrument Rentals start at $15 per month with NO deposit and NO minimum!
  • Rent-To-Own! 70% of all rental payments go towards the purchase! 
  • We Buy Used Gear! Paying you more than any other shop for your gear, in CASH!
  • The Lowest Prices on everything from Guitar Strings to Saxophones!
  • Best consignment rate in town! (You keep 80%)
  • The most professional and patient guitar teacher in town: Steve L'Hereault  (831) 566-6295

    Bring in your guitar for the Tap-Tempo treatment
    • clean, • restring, • adjust, and • intonate. 
    Starting at only $25 when you buy strings, and done while you wait!

    Only need a quick restring and tuning? We'll make it happen right away (while you wait) for only $5 when you buy strings!

    Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions and help you get exactly what you need!


    Inventory is not available online at this time. You can see pictures and fun updates by following or liking us through the links bellow. To find exactly what you're looking for, give us a call, come in, or check out our Reverb shop! (Note: the Reverb site is not all our inventory, other stores sell here too. Make sure it says "Listed by Tap-Tempo Music Shop" to know you're buying from us.) Any questions? Give us a call, we're happy to help!  408-297-8277

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